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    Gm application

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    Gm application

    Post  Emodeath890 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:25 pm


    Re: GM Applications
    by SASKAE13 » TUe DEC 8, 2010 8:55 pm




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    Byond Key:SASKAE13

    In-Game Name:Mianaka

    How long have you been playing? i just started today
    Do i have any exp moderating games in the past?
    yes i have experience in being co owner and head admin
    If so, please name a few:
    im co owner in:Naruto return of elite forces and Dragon Ball GT war and head admin in: naruto apocalse universe,naruto world of shippuden,Naruto god world,naruto elite forces
    As a GM, what would you do to improve the playing environment of the game?
    i try to make players have fun but at the same time enforce the rules
    What makes you think that you are worthy of this position?
    i think im worthy of this position because ive been gm on other games and not abused
    Any other information you can think of that would help us make our decision on who to pick for the job, please put here.
    not right now i cant

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