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    Gm Application

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    Gm Application Empty Gm Application

    Post  Suffacation on Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:55 pm

    Hello My name is justin im a 24/7 host with almost no lag at all. Im applying for Gm status ingame i believe that it would be in the games best interest is to have a backup host just incase anything should ever happen to the first host's computer etc. Im constantly active and have been playing for a couple weeks now My ingame names are Suffacation and Exiled God. Im very fair and follow the rules to the T. Ive also posted on The facebook of the game that if This game ever needs to host find me. This is a great game and im willing to host 24/7 for it with no problems.

    P.S Sorry for some spelling mistakes :p

    Best Regards

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