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    Laz Gm Application

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    Laz Gm Application Empty Laz Gm Application

    Post  Laz on Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:40 pm

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    Reason: I want to be a gm on this game because i like it very much and while my time playing this game i see sometime gm online but afk or something and the other are busy to pll get away with afk trainning and breaking rules which i think should be stoped so i would like to help also if you want me to make some icons for you i can try i know how to edit and make custom icons if you want.

    Exp: I was Head Admin on naruto shattered souls im co-owner of Digimon Online Adventure i was Master Admin to Pokemon master pride and on Pokemon pdg i was admin on Bleach Sands of time and master admin on bleach Dark Apocalypse and for a time i was A Trail enforcer for Bleach souls of nobody.

    Theses are all the game i been a gm in well i hope you read it though and get back to me as soon as possible Thank You.


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