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    Monkey D Luffy's Gm Application

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    Monkey D Luffy's Gm Application

    Post  Aizen on Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:09 pm

    GM Application

    Byond key: Alex971014

    Name on Bleach Unforgiven Sins: Monkey D.Lufy or Monkey D Luffy

    GM experience: I was a an owner on this game,owner on DBZ Living Legends,owner on Bleach Final Fight (now the game was deleted),Main owner on Bleach:Unleashed Soul and that's all the old gms and owners know my GM experience.

    If i'l become a GM i will help the players when they need....i will make warnings to the players that doesen't respect the ruls...etc...I will make what i maked when i was GM and i will not abuse the GM powers.

    Time Played: I first played Bleach:Unforgiven Sins now one year but now i can say that i am playing this game "again" just for one month.

    I hope you all like my GM application...

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