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    Pwns Gm Application

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    Pwns  Gm Application Empty Pwns Gm Application

    Post  WOWaperson on Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:46 pm

    Key: Ulquiorra-account
    Name: Pwn

    I am not a abuser I enjoy this game
    I like to help out other players
    I Follow the rules
    I answer questions
    I Tell people if there doing something that gets them in trouble
    I Would give a warning before I boot
    I Also Can Icon,Map,Code I know its not about coding or mapping or iconning but if you need any help i would be glad to help

    This is my gm application and I would like to apply Thanks If Your Reading This Smile

    December 1st is my Birthday And i want to do something with game

    a couple years ago when i was 10 i started iconing,coding,mapping i want to be apart of something big like this <<yes iknow being a gm dosent have to do with that stuff but id like people to know I can help~Pwn PEACE

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