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    In-Game Rules

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    In-Game Rules Empty In-Game Rules

    Post  Kenny on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:03 pm

    Hello everyone, welcome to the forum, in the hub you have seen some rules, here they are again... Remember, do not break any of those rules! Thank you.

    The rules of the server (In-Game)


    1. Do not ask for GM or you will be booted!

    2. If you need help getting somewhere let us know and we will tell you were to go... Cause GMs are not taxis.

    3. Saya isn't always serious, but Sean is so please.... Don't whine and complain to GMs all the time... It's irritating!

    4. If your GM be sure you help every player out! If you laze around you'll be demoted and replaced...

    5. Don't Cuss in this game... This is a fun kids game!

    6. Saya will help anyone but sometimes she's lazy o.o Don't worry xD

    7. If you want to become GM... Don't ask! If we like you and you do a good job in helping players... we'll consider you.

    8. No spamming!!

    9. No AFK train.

    10. No SZ kill/attack.

    11. No excessive caps lock.

    12. And finally... Just have fun and don't disrespect GM's and other players please!

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    In-Game Rules Empty Re: In-Game Rules

    Post  goku509 on Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:10 pm

    and kick ass

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