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    My GM or Admin application.

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    My GM or Admin application. Empty My GM or Admin application.

    Post  RohanDass on Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:03 am

    In Game Name(IGN) : Rohan

    Real Name: Rohan Laughing


    Education : Till now 11th Grade

    Experience : I have not been a GM or Admin on any byond game before but i would like if you would give me the chance.

    Playing time: About a week now but I have played this type of bleach games before too.

    Reason to be GM: I want to be GM because i like to help other players especially newbies. During the time period in which i am usually online , there are very less or no GMs online so i would like to take the responsibility of helping the players. I will also try my best to enforce the rules and punish the people for breaking the rules if necessary. I will never abuse my powers.

    Personal note: Am a honest and responsible person and i try my best not to let people down.

    E-mail ID:

    Final Statement: I understand that many people are already GM and you might not need more GMs so if i don't get selected it is okay. I will still try my best to help people.

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