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    Ressurections (What each one does)

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    Ressurections (What each one does) Empty Ressurections (What each one does)

    Post  Kenny on Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:37 pm


    Ok here i will explain what you get with each ressurrection (Only for Arrancars)

    First, when you become arrancar, they ask you which kind of ressurection you want, you got 2 options, Melee or Long Ranged.

    At the Long Ranged option, you don't have another choose. It gives you a shikai that only give you the ability "Fire Ball". The same that Volcanica uses, here a pic:

    If you choose melee, it will give you 7 options, to choose one:

    Ok, now we got:

    Barragan, Grimmjow, Halibel, Shawlong, Volcanica, Nell, Yammy

    The following ressurections don't work: Nell, Yammy
    Don't pick them, because they don't give you anything...

    Now this are the list of the ress.

    Format: Name - Boost: Yes/No - New Verbs:


    Evil Death-Barragan -- Boost: Yes -- New Verbs: --

    Slashing the Foe's with claws-Grimmjow - Boost: Yes - New Verbs: Desgarron

    Using Water-Halibel -- Boost: Yes -- New Verbs: La Gota, Cascada

    Five-pincered insects-Shawlong - Boost: Yes -- New Verbs: --

    Using fire power-Volcanica - Boost: Yes -- New Verbs: Fire Ball

    Dragon -- Boost: Yes -- New Verbs: Dragon Fist -- Note: You hit 360 with the attack verb.


    Well that's it.

    Those are the ress for the moments... Remember, only ARRANCARS get ress... Also remember that the Before and After pics, are for see how much boost each one gives...

    Now finally i'm going to play..! This took me like 1 hours... (Totally hate the delay to log in!) Jajajajaja

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