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    Future Update Ideas

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    Future Update Ideas Empty Future Update Ideas

    Post  H.O.T.D Gin on Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:15 am

    Moar Kidou. And for them 2 new stats would be cool. You train these stats by using kidou of the type. They are needed to learn higher numbers of Kidou and determine the damage with Rei Power. 90s lvl of kidou need a HIGH amount of these stats.
    Hadou Skill
    Bakodou Skill

    #54 Haien - A purple Bala but stronger.
    #58 Tenran - Not rlly strong put pushes opponent away.
    #73 Sōren Sōkatsui - a 1 tile attack. Hits the field as soon as used. Like Hinamoris Power Burst.
    #88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho - 3 tile very strong attack.Icon could be a blue GRC with some electric effects on it.
    #91 Senjū Kōten Taihō - Powerfull Seeking Attack.
    #96 Ittō Kasō - 4 tile aoe attack that halves ur stats after use until death.

    #8 Seki - Repels attack. Yes this is for you Yammys >Sad
    #9 Geki - Paralyzes Attacks and Shunpo.
    #26 Kyouko- Smokescreen, cant look in it.
    #62 Hyapporankan - Like Quincy Arrows. First 1 rod then 5. Deals damage and freezes opponent for 3 secs.
    #81 Danku - Powerfull shield.
    #99 Kin&Bankin - Kin can be cast from 5 tiles away and freezes opponent for 10 sec. And when followed with Bankin it deals large amount of damage.
    Thats it for Kidou.

    -Captain and Lt req.
    500 Hollow kill for Captain, 100 Soul Burial.
    250 Hollow Kill for Lt, 50 Soul Burial.

    Rukia - I demandz Random Hakuren! >Sad
    Tousen Bankai- Fix it so that it wouldnt blind u.
    Also give him a 1 tile attack like bala. Tousen Barrage
    Zans that would be cool to be in.
    -Amagais Raika
    -Kifunes Reppu
    2 tile aoe spinning blade. Can be used for Defense.
    -Hisagis (got some ideas but to it later)
    -Shinjis Sakanade. Left arrow becomes right and vice versa.So with up and down. But it dosnt affect the user :3
    -Ukitakes... i demands Deflect that deflects Ryuujin Jakka and Hyourinmaru.

    -Back Swift - After 2k uses on can tele behind the opponents only 4 tiles away.
    -Clones - Do i need to say anything? Cant deal any damage but used for confusion. Coding from a naruto game would do it.

    Thats for Shinigamis.

    Vaizards Req
    -Lvl 10 mil for Vai.

    -100 devours for Vasto Lorde

    Hollow Training.
    -I think the best way to train should be killing ALL kinds of Hollows. But in that case the hollow should be capable of killing you depending on their rank.
    Like Espada hollow are like lvl 30 mil and give the best stats. Devour and Soul Burial should train HP.

    -I demands Rei Machines to Train Rai Power the most.
    -Def Machines
    -Strenght Machines

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