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    GM Applications Jackieman plz let me be GM

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    GM Applications Jackieman plz let me be GM

    Post  Jackieman on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:45 am

    Name:Jackie man


    hi i am Jackie man this game is really fun no joke and the rules is easy and easy game play.i wanna be a GM because i wanna help people get fun every time
    Very Happy this game i am playing so far. mostly every time i see this game i play it, banning people is not good if i see someone not doing the rules i just tell him to stop if they get out of hand they go to jail then ban for one day ok i just do not wanna be a bad GM pale .

    Game experience: lots of fun in training and people fight me it is just fun!!! my rivals is fun to fight as well Cool when i played this game my eyes was getting out like this Shocked mostly i was telling people to stop breaking the rules

    SO Please let me have GM

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