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    Gajeel's GM Apply

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    Gajeel's GM Apply Empty Gajeel's GM Apply

    Post  Gajeel666 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:09 am

    In Game Name: Gajeel Redfox

    Byond Key: Master Kazuma

    Position Applying For: Any

    Previous Experience: None

    Time Playing Bleach: Unforgiven Sins: I have been play for a month. I'm on for 2.5 to 3.5 hours on weekdays and all the that its up on weekends. Also, I try to always be on for at lest 2 hours every day

    What can you do?: I can code, map, an still trying to lrean how to icon. Also, I'm a really good hub an fourm maker.

    Here is some info about me: I'm really good at following the rules an enforcing the rules. I get a long with almost everyone, expect when people go out on me (like a bomb) an I know there not joking but, I will try not say anything to them to make it worst. An, I well do everything that the other gms an owners tell me to do. Also, I will help all the people I can.

    Well I hope you guys/ladys pick me to become a gm and then we can party together like theres no too tomorrow!!! Very Happy Cool Twisted Evil lol!

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