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    Rose Taylor Complaint

    Natsu Dragneel
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    Rose Taylor Complaint Empty Rose Taylor Complaint

    Post  Natsu Dragneel on Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:20 pm

    [b]I Am Here Because I Feel That The GM/ADMIN Rose Taylor (Amy) Has Been Unfair To Quite A Few Players On Bleach Unforgiven Sins.

    Firstly, I Was Playing The Game Earlier This Week And Rose Taylor Tried To Ban Maguya Just For Telling Her To Stop Abusing Her Powers. She Managed To Ban Him Up Until Doreid Stepped In And Said That He Was Recording Everything She Was Doing So He Could Show Sean. Rose Then Unbanned Maguya And He Said Thank You For Unbanning Me, When Rose Got Angry And Starting Cussing Him Once More And Muted Him. Doreid Told Rose That She Should Stop Because She Will End Up Losing Her Powers. She Got Angrier And Started To Threaten To Ban Him. That Is When I Intervened And Told Rose She Needed To Calm Down. I Told Doreid To Ignore Her, And She Just Got Angrier And Threatened To Ban Me Just For Telling Her To Calm Down. So I Shut Up But Her Actions Had Drove Doreid to Get Aggravated And He Told Her He Was Going To Show Sean And Made Sure She Was Stripped For Over Abusing Her Powers. Rose Got Even Angrier and Banned Doreid By His IP Address. He Logged Back In To All Our Surprises And Said That The Ban Button Was Not Currently Working. (Might Want To Sort That Part Out), So Rose Started To Repeatedly Attempt To Ban Doreid, And He Repeatedly Relogged Telling Rose It Would Not Work. Maguya Then Started A Conversation With Doreid But Rose Muted The World. After Un-Muting The World We All Thought That rose Was Not Worth The Rank/Position She Was In Because Of The Abuse She Was Doing Then We Shut Up. After that I Had Stuff To Do So I Logged Off The Game. Today (13th November 2010) I Checked The Daily Prophet To Find A Message From Tsugi Miyako. The Message Read:
    Jishaha by {Daughter of Yammamoto and Saya} Tsugi, Miyako

    Rose took away my powers for no reason i just thought evryone should know what kind of abusing she does

    - {Daughter of Yammamoto and Saya} Tsugi, Miyako

    This Further Compels Me To Ask That You Remove/Strip Rose Taylor Of Her Powers for Abusiveness Towards Innocent Players.

    thank You For Your Time.
    Please Take Everything Within This Post Into Consideration When You Are Making Your Choice Weather To Keep Or Remove Rose Taylor As An ADMIN

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