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    Zanpactou add-ons

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    Zanpactou add-ons Empty Zanpactou add-ons

    Post  Youjimbo on Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:52 am


    i think tousen's zan should be done something with, becouse right now it does absolutely nothing.
    my suggestion was that shikai made you had an attack called "blinding ring", and an other called "spears from heaven". basicly, "blinding ring" sends out rings that blinds them with a lower attack rate, and they get blinded for a short periode of time. and the "spears from heaven" would send a 3 tiled attack of swords, forming a U shape.

    Bankai: bankai would be cool if you got all the attacks, + you summon a giant circle that blinds everyone inside it. the more diferentses in raw attack power, the less time you have to see when you get attacked.
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    Zanpactou add-ons Empty Re: Zanpactou add-ons

    Post  Muffinz on Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:09 pm

    This would be really cool. I agree 100%! Good suggestion. Also, Soi Fong, Kommamura, Aizen, Yumichika. Should be fixed. And Mayuri and Ichinose should have a lot of moves.

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