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    Post  ZenAku on Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:29 am

    Name: Flook

    Byond Key: conman0141

    In game Name : ZenAku

    Experience: Bleach Path of Chaos enforcer then promoted to admin, Main owner in Naruto Fall of hero's, and Co-Owner in Resident Evil Outbreak


    How long have you been playing byond: About 4 years but got into Bleach Games last year

    Do you dislike GM's? I do not dislike gm's, i think they are here to help us, the only reason i might someday dislike one is if they abused their power but none i have met do.

    Gm rank: I am fine with any rank and will do my best in it but would like to ask for a Admin Or Head Admin if possible so i can reboot game if necessary and hold minor tournies, to keep players entertained, and happy

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