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    Ashton's Gm App.

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    Ashton's Gm App. Empty Ashton's Gm App.

    Post  Ashton on Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:39 am

    In-Game Name:Ashton

    Experience:Dbz Heroes United,Dbz Dark Apocalyspe,Naruto The Last Battle,Pokemon Citrine,Plunder Gnome.Also I can icon very good if you need any.

    Why I want to Be GM:To help the game,players,community,envirment and to make the Game no.1.

    How Long I Played Bleach:I Played Bleach for a while it actually the first Bleach Game i ever played,but for some reason I quited a few years ago and now im back getting used to the new rules and players im pretty popular here alot of people knows me and noone hates me really. king

    What Can I do For the Bleach Community: I can help by getting alot of players better host like 24/7 and icon sweet icons.Also I'm A person who knows alot of byond people who's looking for a good game like B.U.S.So trust me alot of people will join the game. cheers

    Final Statement:I hope I get the job my username is Ugd6191 use that to contact me and my email is I be on the game everytime it's on . So Bye see you later. Cool

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