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    Muramasa's Gm Application

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    Muramasa's Gm Application Empty Muramasa's Gm Application

    Post  Muramasa on Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:15 pm

    In Game name: Muramasa
    Past Gm Expierience: I think on this horrible rip of bleach life and death I was a gm enforcer on there but the game went down and never came back up the day after I became an enforcer on there.
    Reason for wanting to be a GM: I love bleach unforgiven sins and I'd like to do more then what a normal player is able to do to help the community, without being a gm its hard to maintain order when no other gm is around. also when I try to get people to stop argueing or breaking rules its hard to get them to listen to me because of the fact that I don't have any authority.

    How long have I played Bleach Unforgiven sins: I used to play it several months ago and I became pretty good friends with most people on the game, however my computer was ruined by viruses, I lost all my byond files and icons that I had made and so I quit playing byond for awhile. I've been back on byond for about a week now and I'm playing unforgiven sins once again, I usually get on unforgiven sins whenever I can and it is pretty much the only bleach game I play.

    What I can do to help the Bleach Unforgiven sins community: I would try my best to maintain order and keep everyone happy, I wouldn't be a jerk and severly punish people for the slighest offences, I treat everyone as equals and I give people atleast another chance before taking action against them, but if the offence they did is undeserving of another chance then I will be sure to give them the proper punishment, I'm a pretty good iconer, In the means of art atleast, im not exactly the computer wiz when it comes to making icons do certain actions but i'm good at making the icons themselfs if that would be of any use in the future of the game.

    Additional things I'd like to say: I wasn't sure if you were hiring gm's at the time or not but I wanted to do what I could to improve the community so I figured it was worth a try to apply for gm, I hope you take me into consideration. I understand if there is no room for another gm at the moment but here is my application. also, I wasn't sure what all information I should put down so I just put everything that I thought you should no, if this isn't enough then be sure to let me know and I will gladly include more in my appication.

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