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    Chuck Norris's Awesom GM apply

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    Chuck Norris's Awesom GM apply Empty Chuck Norris's Awesom GM apply

    Post  Nobody on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:40 pm

    Why do i wanna be a GM:So i can Abuse the hell out of my powers and so i can tell ppl what to do and so i chould rename to my slaves and so i will be immortal in my Rank challenges!!!
    Why should we hire you?:Becuz i fucking said so
    Past GM expirence: i was a GM on many games and i got fired out of them all cuz i abused the hell out of My sexy shiny verbs ^^
    If you will be GM what will you do for the Community: i will abuse the hell and mass summen kill them all so they will all leave and the Comunity will Drop till i will stay the only one^^
    Whats your Name?: First name Helie Last name Copter
    why do you think?: i don't think!

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