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    Chuck Norris's GM apply

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    Chuck Norris's GM apply Empty Chuck Norris's GM apply

    Post  Nobody on Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:05 pm

    In-Game Name: Chuck Norris
    Key: Ido2(i have alot of other keys as well but i only use another one but am too lazy to write that short key so i am writeing this long explanation)
    real name: Daniel
    Age: 14(in a few months)
    why i wanna be GM: I wanna be Gm cuz...well frankly its fun being a part of the game,and ppl will actually listen if i try helping them instead of just ignoreing me and asking a gm to get the same answer i told them (>.>)
    Past of being a gm: Well i was a Gm on the Game some while back,i didn't abused at all and helped alot(only got fired cuz i was hired for being a captain and there were too many GMs)
    side notes: i am pretty much lifeless so yea i am on the comp most of the time.
    IQ:5(it was 125 before i watched that episode of bleach with lamp socity)
    anoter notes: i am most of the Time Kiddin and foolin aroun Razz

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