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    Soul's GM application

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    Soul's GM application Empty Soul's GM application

    Post  Soul on Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:33 am


    In-Game Name: Soul
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    How long have you been playing Soul Slayers: Well i have only just recently came back on Byond so i haven’t had the pleasure of playing it yet but i am looking for new games to play so this could be it.
    Rank you're aiming for:The rank that you choose to give me

    GM exp(if any):GA on Bleach Shinigami Blitz,GM jakey’s server Skeths server and also Devil’s server on DA

    At least 3 good reasons why you should be GM:I am a fair but strict person and easy to get along with but just because this is the case doesn't mean that people will get away with anything that is against the rules or that is harmful to the game in anyway.. Don't abuse the powers just because i have them for example when people ask for things off GM and they know they shouldn't and also haven't read the rules well i would warn them first then after that i would seek advice about which way would be best in dealing with situation just to make sure that i don't make any major mistakes. I follow the rules and uphold them as much as i can also if i get stuck on a situation that i am not sure how to handle i will ask another GM to help me so that i know for the next time so this shows i am willing to learn how to do my job well and also be effective in that posistion.

    Why you want to be GM:I would like to be a GM because Games i have played in the past the players have treated other players unfairly also they have completely no disregard for the rules and there wasn't always a GM on to supervise them. However the main reason i want to be a GM is that if any of the other GM's is busy coding or doing their own thing then i will be there to supervise the game in their absence also if you don't think that my Application is good enough then i will accept the decision without any complaints also i will be willing to go on a trial for the posisition and if you think i would make a good GM then great but if not then like a said i will respect your decision.

    Any other info: Well i have currently in the middle of learning how to code so if you ever needed anyone to fill in then i would be able to help i just have to finish learning and then i should be able to help
    Also if you have any queries about this application my in game name is Soul or add me on the pager AshWraith or there is msn

    Thanks for taking the time to look and read over my application
    Soul (AshWraith)

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