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    10asd Staff Application

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    10asd Staff Application Empty 10asd Staff Application

    Post  10asd on Mon May 14, 2012 12:58 pm

    Game Name: Xero

    Key: 10asd

    Previous Staff Experience: Well I was Co-Owner on some Naruto games.I also had high ranks on many other games, even though it wasn't Staff I still got several verbs.

    How much time I played BUS: 1-2 weeks.So im not one of those noobs which just play 2-3 days and already think they can be Staff.

    Personality & others: Ok this is the long part people.I am a fair,calm,,mature,cautious,intelligent,ambitious and wise person.I have sense of humor not exaggerated though.I am very good at drama which may be necessary to get along with other Staff.I have a big imagination, so I can be the idea guy.Alright now defects, everybody has some no ? Well I can be quite stubborn,arrogant and careless.Im quick to anger too.

    Why you want to be Staff ?: If you have read Personality paragraph carefully it may be obivious.I want to help the game.Since I played it I discoverd it's unique from other Bleach games.I want to remove bad players, make it more funny and warm, and finnaly make it one of the best Bleach games on BYOND with the help of other Staff memebers!

    What position you want to aim for ?: Well I want to be a Administrator or a Enforcer.I want to aim very high hoping in one day I will become the owners right hand.

    Ok this was all I hope I will be accepted Smile

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