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    my gm app dont need to rush and look at it u can take your time

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    my gm app dont need to rush and look at it u can take your time

    Post  Anjtoadsage on Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:05 am

    hi my game name is:tidus
    my byond key is:anjtoadsage
    time on B.U.S: a couple of years
    Experiance:i dont have much i have been kages on some nruto games that isnt even close but its something srry.
    Who i am: i am just a 13 year old teen i mess around alot but i can b serious when i need to.
    What lvl i wanna be: i cant make that decision it is your choice if ill be a lvl 3 or a trial gm to a admin it is your choice but ill be happy with wht i get.
    thats it thank u for taking your time to read my app if u want to give me a job i will apreciate it and if u dont i am still glad u took your time to read this.
    ill be grateful if u reply with anything that would help me on my next app.

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