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    [Lost]GM Application[3/30/012]

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    [Lost]GM Application[3/30/012] Empty [Lost]GM Application[3/30/012]

    Post  Lost on Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:37 pm

    ArrowGm Application Arrow

    Name:Sean(Not Sean the co main owner,DUH!,I go by Lost anyways)
    Byond Key:Dead618


    How long have you been playing B.U.S:Some years now, about 3. I am one of the few people left from back when this game started.

    How active are you:Lets just say I am more active than most gms on the game.

    Have you ever been banned on B.U.S:Nope.

    Why should we choose you.:
    Im and easy going person,but when i get pissed i get pissed,Overall I'm a friendly person but i know how to enforce rules. I have never been known the type too abuse.I'm very creative, and good with people. i Know how to handle things when it come to "Human relation."Also,would like to point out, i have been playing this game longer than most. My name is mentioned on Hub, when me and Chasu was fighting, saya wrote my name as "Lone" lol..I always think we should have less GMs who are not doing there job..I also was wondering if I can be Head of Public relations..meaning I will help everyone get a long..and make sure everyone is satisfied with game..and if not find out whats wrong and report to owners..something along those lines.

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