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    Teckno GM APP


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    Teckno GM APP

    Post  Teckno25 on Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:39 am

    Real Name:Luca Ionut
    GM LV:3-4
    I want this rank for help ppl and to can add more member
    Name in Game:Teckno
    My game is :Bleach Shattered Blade,I'm GM in DBGT:Tuffle Revenge,Bleach Zanpakuto Cry,Naruto Shattered Destruction,Naruto Tribute of Shinobi,etc at other games idk name
    I'm host on Bleach Shattered Blade and in Naruto Tribute of Shinobi
    Exp:i maked 2 games i host 2 games,and i'm GM in 4-5 games
    When i'm accepted pls tell me
    I play BUS for 6-7 months

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