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    Post  Back_to Bleach on Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:57 pm

    Well there's a reason I'm posting this application and that's to be a GM.. obviously. What i plan to do in the game is pretty much help players and to be honest just really carry that weight for you guys. I've had experience as a GM is a couple of Naruto games, a couple of Dragon Universe servers, and some other games. With this you may already know that abuse won't really be a problem from me. My main goal here here is to really boost the PB ( Player Base ) and to help as many players as possible. I'd really enjoy a job as a GM and continue to play this game. So far I've enjoyed my stay in the game and noticed a few players asking for guidance and no one would answer and that's one of the reasons I'm posting this here.I'm not much of a coder or a iconner, but I could offer help on other things. If I wouldn't want this i wouldn't waste my time typing this application so, please consider me for a GM spot on the staff.I don't mind starting off as a low rank GM and again consider me as a choice or a trial.

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