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    Zetsuna's Gm Application

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    Zetsuna's Gm Application Empty Zetsuna's Gm Application

    Post  ZetsunaKun on Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:49 am

    In Game Name : Zetsuna
    Year Started Byond - 2007

    Experience - I have experience as all types of Gm's from Owner to trial enforcer.... I Own 5 Games 2 Bleach 2 Naruto And A DBZ.... I have been Gm in Naruto Supreme Shadows,DBZ dark apocalypse(Owned a server)... And many Other Games...I am an Advaced Coder, Mapper, Pixel Artist, And Iconner.....I Also Work On Offsite Things That Requires Programming

    My Work Ethics- I am a very active hard worker..... I always enforce the rules.... i am serious when needed but i also feel as though i am a very friendly person.... I have a reputation because of my past Bleach game and i attract players and I can stand constat questions and very needy players...

    Reason For Wanting GM- I Would Like To Be A Gm to help the players out that need it And also to help develop the game raising it to the top rank of the byond Bleach society.....

    Contact Information- / byond pager / or MSN

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