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    Bountos Summons

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    Bountos Summons Empty Bountos Summons

    Post  Kenny on Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:14 am


    Ok here i will explain what you get with each summon (Only for Bountos)

    When you become bounto, Rantao gives you 5 kind of summons/pets, they are: Fire, Metal, Wind, Sword, Water.

    The following summons don't work: Metal,
    Don't pick them, because they don't give anything...

    Format: Name - Boost: Yes/No - New Verbs:


    Fire -- Boost: Yes, Defense only -- New Verbs: Fire Ball

    Wind - Boost: Yes, Attack only - New Verbs: Wind Licht Schneide. - 360 Attack (With attack verb)

    Sword -- Boost: Yes, Attack only -- New Verbs: Life Shaver (shoot swords)

    Water - Boost: Yes, Attack only -- New Verbs: Wind Licht Schneide.


    Well that's it.

    Those are the ress for the moments... Remember, only BOUNTOS get summons... Also remember that the Before and After pics, are for see how much boost each one gives...

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