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    Zaraki Kenpachi GM Application

    Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kenpachi Zaraki
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    Zaraki Kenpachi GM Application Empty Zaraki Kenpachi GM Application

    Post  Kenpachi Zaraki on Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:25 am

    Hi, im Zaraki Kenpachi, but now, in game, im Nahara Mitsuke
    Im 15
    Im every year, every week, every hour, every minute, every second online Smile
    When i see ppl who need help im there to help ^^
    I report many guys who kill in sz ( safe one ) killers or spammers
    So Gm's dont help ( im not gonna say who )
    I don't request to be GM just to get power but yes to help others ^^
    I want to be GM to help all players, and the game to be a better place and request peace in the game Wink

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