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    Tidus's gm app

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    Tidus's gm app  Empty Tidus's gm app

    Post  Anjtoadsage on Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:41 pm

    in game name Tidus

    byond key anjtoadsage

    any experience ive been a kage on a few naruto games but other then that no but the kage gets a few verbs like them

    time on B.U.S atlest 1 1/2 years now

    statement i appreciate that u looked at my app and i helped plenty of people on B.U.S and i wold like to be a gm and i will try my best not abuse

    contact u can send me a email at

    thx for looking at my gm app and will be gratefull if u make me a gm any lvl i just wanna help ppl Very Happy

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