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    Tafe's Participant application

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    Tafe's Participant application Empty Tafe's Participant application

    Post  Tafe on Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:47 pm

    before reading:I am a programmer with some knowledge in DM, html and Java.
    If you need a programmer, you can talk to me. I am currently looking for programming jobs, and i would appriciate if u atleast gave me a reply.

    Key: Tafe
    Username: Youjimbo
    Age: 17
    Contact:Through paging me, or through the game.

    Time Programming: I have been an Active programmer for soon 9 months.
    But i have been studying Programming methods and developing since i was 11 or something.

    Code-snippet: I have a few video's on youtube that u can watch if u like.
    but my gameupdates are probably far more attractive. (Look at them through my byond page: )

    Earlier projects: I have done a few rips. but never made any sucess out of them. however, i think i got quite alot of experience through that. ATM i am doing a game called "CreeperGame". Thats probably my latest "project". also the one that i have come far with. :3

    I was also doing some Minecraft websites with HTML. but that never got any sucess either XD)

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