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    Drigger's GM Application

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    Drigger's GM Application Empty Drigger's GM Application

    Post  .Drigger. on Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:17 pm


    What I can Do:Host, but I usto icon.(quited due to my brother deleting my icons pissed me off)

    Experience: I've been GM/Co/Owner on many games like:Naruto Hebi Takeover , Anime Showdown , Nauruto Madara Quest , Naruto Era Of Tobi , Ninja Rebirth The Perfect Soldier , Bleach Dark Souls , Bleach & Naruto Elites && many more/

    Position I want: Idc you can start as enforcer or admin i'll work my way up

    Time I'll be on: I'll be on like for 5-7hrs.

    Why I want GM:I'm not gonna lie like others do. The reason I want GM when I see good games like this i wanna be part of the community.I like helping out.When other GMs are not on i will be and i've been GM on plenty games i know how to handle unnesccary stuff & players.

    Extra Info: I can be a back-up host if you want me to.

    Well, thank you for stopping by. Smile

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