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    Xero GM App

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    Xero GM App

    Post  Xero on Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:39 am

    In-Game name: Xero or Rin Okumura.

    Byond Key: Millan_akatsuki.

    What GM level are u applying for: Enforcer or Admin.I want increase my rank doing a good job Very Happy
    Past Experiences:

    Owner and Co-Owner: Naruto: Return Of the Quilets.
    Owner and Co-Owner: Naruto Shinobi Style
    Co-Owner: Resident Evil Online 2
    Co-Owner (for a little time)and Master Admin: Bleach Unleashed Bankai.
    Admin: Bleach: Never Ending War.
    Admin: Bleach: Blood Of Many.
    Admin: Bleach: Shinigami Hell
    Enforcer: Naruto: Legend Of Operation 13.
    Trial Enforcer: Bleach: Dirge Of Chaos.

    Why do u want to be a GM on this game: I want to be GM to help when needed user that they have doubts or complaints, I can replace the work of another GM friend if it cannot realise it. I want that the game is but funny and can bring but people to be able to play it.It angers to me to see users that they make AFK training, and I believe that it is not necessary to use it when the game is incredible and it is not difficult to raise of level.I have so many new ideas for the game,and i can make icons =D XD.


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