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    Ashton's GM App.

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    Ashton's GM App. Empty Ashton's GM App.

    Post  Ashton on Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:34 am


    In-Game Name:Ashton

    Experiences and Time: Dragonball Z Inflicted Soulz(lvl 5 admin started Jan 15th 2011, still is Admin), Naruto The Last Battle (lvl 2 gm started Dec. 30th 2009 ended April 17th 2011), Bleach Las Noches (Host started June 1st 2009 ended August 6th 2010), Plunder Gnome (Host started August 6th 2008 ended June 18h 2010), Dragonball Z Dark Apocalyspe ( lvl 3 Gm started Jan 1st 2011 still is gm), Pokemon Citrin (Host and Admin started Jan 29th 2011 still host but only for nights and on certain days).

    Age: 16 b-day past last week

    Gender: Male


    My Personality: i'm a patient kind of person and also im eays to get along with. Some of the times depending on the situation I might say a insulting statement.(I wont lie about that) When I was growing up I never relly dis obeyed anyone alsways got good grades and now I'm graduating from High school in June. (YAY!) After that I hope I will acheive a scholarship to Harbout Unerversity where i will continue my life sucessfully graduate from college with a master's or bachelor degree in Acting or Accountant. Well since i mstill young ill try to enjoy the few time i have as a teen and hope to deal with reality as a young man. People tend to see ill make a good afther the way i treat kids and the way i deal with them if they do something bad. SO I hope you come to think of me as a good person and get to know me good.^^

    Final Comment: I am a past player of BUS alot of players know me so does a few admins as Marik and Phoenix. I hope I catch the eys of some players and gain good repuatation. ALso i am an iconner and a gfx specialist. Ty for taking your tie out to read this i hope you like drunken

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