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    Ocean112's GM Application

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    Ocean112's GM Application

    Post  serph265 on Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:36 am

    [b]Hi this is my GM Application i hope i get chosen aswell as that i would like to say welldone to anyone who has been chosen

    IN-Game name:Ocean112

    Byond key:Ocean112

    Reason for GM:To help people out and keep game safe from spammers and advertisers.

    Current IN-game level:High enough to be Espada Leader=1e+007

    Do i accept the game rules??:Well obviously i do im a fair player and got my level through training.

    I understand that this is such a short application but im sure its enough for you to look at and decide Smile ill add more below.


    I can host 24/7 if needed to.

    Xbox-live gamertag:Anti Prototype - If needed please contact me there or here,I prefer you contacting my email as my xbox has just broke.

    I have been staff many times before like on my own games and ive been head admin on dbz heroes united and ive been gm lvl 5 on naruto gusty ninja

    I respect all staff and players and wish everyone happy gaming on Bleach:Unforgiven Sins

    It would be a honour to be chosen Smile thanks

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