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    Anjs gm app

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    Anjs gm app Empty Anjs gm app

    Post  Anjtoadsage on Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:02 pm

    In game name:Anj

    Byond Key:Anjtoadsage

    Any experiance no but ive been on byond games for 3 years now and been a member for a year and seen alot of gms work so i know the rules and i wont abuse i promise

    Time on B.U.S:not long but ive been playing revised and alot of other bleach games

    Statement i can help all i can and whoever i can and i will be a nice gm cause most ppl dont play awsome games like B.U.S cause they think the gms are to mean i usally am layed back and not serious but when it comes to do a job i am all buisness
    thx even for taking your time to read this app and if u make me a gm i will be greatfull and helpful in the game

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