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    Updates (Eventually)

    Domo Miranda
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    Updates (Eventually) Empty Updates (Eventually)

    Post  Domo Miranda on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:12 pm

    Okay i got the source, now to work on my ideas >Very Happy

    * More equal stats, not no e+010 crap xD
    * More clean fighting system where defense matters
    * A cap filter and auto punishments to stop idiots from capping (Done)
    * Auto Captain,Lut,Espada,Vaizard ranks (There will be a GM verb to update the ranks, since i dont want to cause a constant loop going xD) (This will be in the next next update, have to find a cleaner way to do this)
    * Fix shikai bug (so the kira zan doesnt show up)
    * Some zan ability's, Like kira's - Each time you attack, it slows the opponent down
    * More clean chat system
    * A marriage verb where you and your partner decide a family name, and you can adopt people xD (Working on)
    * Lowering attack on attacks
    * Making a more detailed delay system so you cannot spam stuff like 100X cero and other attacks
    * Fix shikais and arrancer res
    * More ranks
    * (Maybe) medals and badges that is displayed in game (Working on, need someone to make the badges)
    * Points that you earn from tournaments and contests that you can buy special stuff with (Working on)

    ~If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me xD~
    Will keep updated on whats done and what im working on xD

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