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    Shyt that would be cool

    The Demon Reaper, Zigeki
    The Demon Reaper, Zigeki
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    Shyt that would be cool Empty Shyt that would be cool

    Post  The Demon Reaper, Zigeki on Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:21 am

    -Colored rei set by user
    -reaiatsu aura
    -balanced stats
    -hollow training beneficial cept special hollows
    -dummy training be lesser than it is now (afk noobs)
    -custom zans
    - sub races more powerful but harder to control ( even the race play)
    -more hair and skin options
    - zan size and shape system
    -a test that determines youyr zan shape and size best for that user
    -stronger npcs
    -quests lots of them
    -class system (ex: Tank, Kidou Master, Defender, ect.
    - auto events
    -auto tourny
    -over charge regular and reserve settings (like over charge use all your rei in one move the rest you get it)

    sean is prolly gunna be like WTF but you dont have to do it.. just sayin nubly XD

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