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    Funkeyd For GM

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    Funkeyd For GM

    Post  Funkeyd on Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:46 am

    In Game Name(s): Funkeyd
    Byond Key: Twisterr

    Previous Experience: Well i've been a Owner/Co-owner/GM on a Few games with friends most of the games have passed away, becoz of tje Inactivity and No1 played it anymore, It had no updates. Here are the games i've been GM on,
    Naruto Games:
    Naruto Infinity
    Naruto Infinity Generation

    Bleach Games:
    Bleach Fallout
    Bleach Infinity Evolution
    (Those with Infinity is from a really good friend, who stopped coding etc.)
    Naruto GOA Redemption
    That were the games. Now my experience as a GM are pretty long, Helped ppl alot, also they liked me For who i was and not as a GM, I dont care wut Level GM u give me Smile, Anything u want, Love to help u all out.

    Time Playing Bleach Unforgiven Sins: Only for a week, but i know the most that i NEED to know about this game, the people are really friendly and helpfull, Also im the Captain of Squad 6, a friendly squad. But thats beyond this topic.
    I haven't played for a long time.

    *Personal Statement: I love this game and would love to become a member of the staff. I take my job very seriously and very friendly. I’m funny and nice. I treat everybody with respect. I know how to handle things properly. I highly respect my higher leveled GMs. I know all the rules and enforce them without being an asshole or jerk.

    Skype: marrduk.f.a.
    Twitter: x_Seriously_x

    I know u guys/girls already have enough so i will understand it if i wont get picked out to be a member of the staff =].

    Thanks for the time to read this, hope to hear from you soon.

    Greets Funkeyd

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